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Is it Time to Contact a Consultant?

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Is it Time to Contact a Consultant?

Tips for Finding the Right Brand Consultant

by Lori Silva

Start-ups have to deal with many issues, ranging from business planning and financial projections to employee/customer management and customer acquisitions. Customer acquisition is arguably the most essential aspect because life without customers can be chaotic for start-ups. Since running a start-up is a lot of work, hiring a business advisory to help with branding is the right strategy. A business brand advisor understands all that needs to be done to get a company's name out there. However, you must hire the right brand advisor for your start-up. This article highlights tips for choosing a brand advisor.

Portfolio of Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are personalities that help push a brand to a large audience. Therefore, when hiring a brand consultant, you must establish that they have a great brand ambassador portfolio. It is particularly the case today when brand ambassadors leverage the rapid growth and popularity of social media. Basically, the type of brand ambassadors a business consultant has worked with before will tell you if they are the right fit. For instance, some brand ambassadors only push organic products while others do not mind taking the opposite route. Ultimately, your objective is to find an advisor who has worked with exemplary brand ambassadors since they will echo your brand's vision.

Experience in Different Industries

Specialising in a particular industry is excellent for a brand consultant who wants to become the industry's best advisor. While there is nothing wrong with specialisation, it might not be the right strategy. The reason is that quality business branding hinges on fresh perspectives. Unfortunately, brand consultants specialising in a particular industry might find it difficult to gather new ideas, which does not work in your favour. An experienced consultant who has worked with clients in different sectors has no problem solving your branding problems. Besides, such consultants are flexible to emerging issues regarding brand awareness.

Guarantee a Consistent Team 

When pitching a proposal for a branding project, some companies send their A-list team that knocks you off your socks with their presentation. Sadly, the same consultants will send you assistants to work on your project as they work for bigger companies. Therefore, when you want to hire a brand advisor, choose one that guarantees you a consistent team. It means that the team you interact with in the first consultation meeting is the same one that will see the project to its completion. 

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