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Is it Time to Contact a Consultant?

All You Need To Know About The Australian Prospective Marriage Visa

by Lori Silva

A prospective marriage visa is designed for people who intend to marry Australian citizens. It allows you to visit Australia for nine months. Typically, you should be legally married before the visa expires. Below is a comprehensive guide on prospective marriage visas.


People that apply for this visa must meet the following requirements: 

  • You must be 18 years or above.
  • The applicant should have a sponsor (preferably the spouse). The immigration department will vet the sponsor to ensure he or she can provide accommodation and cater to the financial needs of the applicant.
  • People that have had a visa cancellation cannot apply for the prospective marriage visa.
  • You need to fulfil some health requirements. Applicants should not have infectious diseases such as COVID-19 or tuberculosis. If you have a long-term illness, the department will examine whether it will limit the access of Australian citizens to health services.
  • You must pass the character test. People convicted of sexual crimes or those affiliated to terrorist or criminal groups will have their application revoked. A police certificate will prove that you are a responsible and law-abiding citizen. 

You must submit sufficient evidence that you intend to marry within the nine months. For instance, you can present a letter from a registered marriage celebrant. 

What Can You Do With The Visa? 

You can work and study (at your own expense) in Australia for nine months with the prospective marriage visa. The visa allows you to bring family members into Australia. However, they must meet health and character requirements. You can also travel in and out of the country as many times as you wish within the nine months.


People that apply for the visa must intend to marry an Australian citizen within nine months. An experienced migration agent can ease the visa application process. He or she will examine your current situation and advice whether you qualify for the visa. Further, he or she will ensure you submit the right application documents. The visa is processed within 13-17 months. Your agent will help you to reapply the visa if your application is rejected.

Extending The Visa

Prospective marriage visas cannot be extended. However, if your marriage occurs within the nine-month window, you can apply for a partner visa. The visa costs less if you make the application before your prospective marriage visa expires. Your migration agent will also guide you on how you can apply for Australian citizenship. 

The immigration department keeps tabs on people visiting Australia on visas. They will revoke the visa if you engage in criminal activities while in the country. Besides, you could get in trouble if you decide to stay in the country with an expired visa.