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Is it Time to Contact a Consultant?

Understanding Archaeology Excavation Services

by Lori Silva

There is a need to respect and protect the indigenous, historical and cultural heritage with the current need for development. That is why archaeological services are required. Such services ensure that when excavation or construction is taking place on a piece of land believed to have some indigenous, historical and cultural value, you do not disturb or destroy any relics. What usually happens?


First, you are required to hire an archaeological service company that usually conducts a site visit. Secondly, consultations are held with the relevant government agencies and indigenous and heritage stakeholders to ensure the right decisions and measures are undertaken. Thirdly, a survey is conducted through mobile GIS mapping and recording to help determine how excavations will be carried out to avoid damage to relics.

The fourth step is usually developing a report that indicates how the archeological excavation is to be carried out; it has to be as detailed as possible and consider every aspect. Lastly, all relevant permits are obtained from the relevant government agencies and indigenous/heritage stakeholders. Permits are issued when everything checks out and it is found that the archeological excavation will not cause any damage.

Archaeological Excavation

Archaeological excavation is carried out after the above preparations, and if there are any findings, they are recorded and a report is drawn up indicating what was done and what was found. It involves carefully digging into the land while making sure not to damage any indigenous, historical or cultural relic. It should be done by highly competent and qualified individuals because it should not be rushed. Special pieces of equipment are also used to avoid damage.

Sometimes, the structure being constructed on the archaeological site might not require the removal of the relics. In such a case, archaeological services are mainly directed towards finding out whether the structure or the use of the structure might cause harm to the relic.

When relics are found, they are carefully removed and preserved after studying. In the case where a relic is not moveable, the structure to be built is redesigned in such a way that it will not interfere or damage the relic.

Why Hire an Archaeological Service Company?

In most states, there are pieces of land that are marked to have some indigenous, historical and cultural value. Legally, you are supposed to notify the relevant government agencies and indigenous or heritage stakeholders before undertaking any construction work. Failure to do so can land you on the wrong side of the law, leading to imprisonment, confiscation of your equipment and penalties or fines.

If you have such a site that you would like to excavate, contact an archaeological excavating service.