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Is it Time to Contact a Consultant?

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Is it Time to Contact a Consultant?

Could you benefit from speaking with a structural engineering consultant?

by Lori Silva

If you are planning on doing major repairs or modifications to your property or perhaps even building a totally new structure, you should engage the services of a team of structural engineering consultants at the earliest opportunity. Any time that you begin thinking about work that could affect the foundations or the structural soundness of your building, you will need the help of an engineering consultant to assist you.

Inspecting the damage

If you have become concerned that the structure of your home isn't as strong as it should be, arranging for structural engineering consultants to carry out a full inspection is the best way to find out how severe the damage may be and how it could be corrected. Whether it is your foundations which have become cracked or the ceiling which has started to sag, an engineer will be able to help.

Before you start to build

Having structural engineering consultants on your team means that as soon as you start to formulate your plans, you should share them with the structural engineering consultant so that they can ensure that your designs are safe and that the structure you build will conform to all the established building regulations in every way.

While the building work is ongoing

Having created plans that will provide a stable, long-lasting building structure, you will need to have your plans approved by the authorities, but that isn't the end of the structural engineering consultant's involvement in the project. At the building stage, they will be checking that all of the construction work matches the plans and that it conforms to building regulations.

Advising on disputes

While most of the time, you'll be doing building work when you work with structural engineering consultants, there is another time that you could find their services useful. Sometimes the opinion of an expert witness can help to settle a dispute between you and a neighbour. If you have found yourself in a mess because a neighbour is disputing some issue with your property structure or with the location of your boundary, calling in structural engineers could settle the matter. If both parties can agree to accept the view of an impartial expert, the situation can be quickly resolved.

To find out more about how structural engineering consultants could benefit your building or repair project, speak to a structural engineering company that operates in your local area today.